Equine Facilitated Learning

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How does it work?


Equine Facilitated Learning is a fantastic way to learn - partnering people with horses to help build leadership skills, communication skills, better team working and self-confidence.


These workshops offer a powerful way for managers and individuals to examine the impact their behaviour can have on others.


Horses are particularly well suited to help humans develop. Highly sensitive, prey animals they are tuned in to the moment. Horses respond to what’s happening around them. That may be through verbal or non-verbal communication, conscious or sub-conscious behaviour. Their feedback will be instant and honest.

This is a unique way to reflect and develop personal development skills, communication and leadership skills.

Who is it for?


Anyone who wishes to develop their personal development/ leadership and/or communication skills.

What will we learn?


Our courses are designed to meet the needs of our clients. We will work closely with you to tailor the course content to fit with your objectives. Leadership skills, team building, communication, self-confidence, time management & personality profiling can be included as required.

For individuals, we invite you to join one of our group sessions. Each has a different focus depending upon the areas you wish to develop:

Self Confidence, Communication, Team Working and Self-Esteem

Experience required?


No previous horse experience is required and all horse related activity is ground based.