Developing Confidence in the Workplace

Wouldn’t it be great if you could feel more confident at work?

A topic we are often asked about, is how to feel more confident in the workplace. At times we all feel under-confident but these are steps we can take to give our self-confidence a boost.

Confident people tend to have more influence at work, feel better about themselves and are less afraid to go for promotion or take on new challenges.

Here are our 7 top tips to help you to boost your confidence.

1. Cut the negative head tapes

These are the messages that play around inside our head. No-one ever got better at anything by beating themselves up. Talk to yourself kindly, and encouragingly, rather than telling yourself you can’t do something. A positive mindset will help you learn more easily, which in turn will boost your confidence.

2. Develop your knowledge

Have a thirst for knowledge. What you don’t know – learn. It may sound simple, but by developing your knowledge, you will feel more comfortable and therefore more confident.

3. Ask for Help

Building upon developing your knowledge, if you need help from others – ask for it. Many people enjoy helping others and sharing knowledge, so choose who you ask for help with care, but do ask. Same goes for asking questions. If you are not sure, ask.

4. Identify your strengths

If we were to ask a friend or colleague, what would they say are your strengths? Take confidence from these strengths. Remind yourself of all your successes.

5. Develop new skills

Developing new skills is a great way to boost confidence. Consider what you’d like to learn and plan a way to do so. It’s fine if this takes time and it’s fine too, if you make mistakes. Learn from those mistakes and be proud you were brave enough to have a go at something new.

6. Cut the negative talk

One of our favourite sayings is ‘There’s no such word as can’t’.

If we tell ourselves we can’t do something , we probably won’t. Our brain responds to what we tell it. If we try we might, it we don’t we won’t, so cut the negative talk and start telling your brain what you can achieve.

7. Don’t take things too seriously

Of course we want to do a good job, but when things go wrong, we need to assess this objectively.

Learn to laugh at your setbacks and mistakes, and take criticism with good humour – you’ll be amazed how being more light-hearted boosts your confidence.

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